One payment incident and you are out, forever!
2Careless Driving
One transport incident and you are out, forever!
3No middle man
You can't resell the jobs you take from the Pallets Market platform, we've caught you, you are out forever!
Zero tolerance for fraudsters. Any fraud attempt is automatically reported to the Police.
5Share it!
If you like this platform, share it and talk about it!
6Prevent, don't regret
Although we carry out our own checks and we reserve the right to remove any user without any explanation, we strongly recommend you to:
- Check who you are doing business with, their identity and make sure they are who they say they are
- Check driver / vehicle before you load your goods in to any vehicle
- Check the insurance of the goods
- Try to get paid before you offload if you don't trust your customer
P O W E R E D _ B Y _ K E N T _ C O D E R S _ U K